Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve today.  I am not sure if anyone still reads this blog but if it helps family to stay up with us, I guess I will continue for a little while.  I do want to catch you up with some of the unfinished items.

First, on the 22nd we got the great news that our broker had sold the pickup for FULL PRICE.  A Christian publisher in Springfield bought it for his daughter who was attending OSU.  She even liked the OSU sticker on the back window!  Now we can look for a van in earnest.

We have heard no more on the insurance coverage on the chair.  Silence from both ODS and Care Med the wheelchair vendor.

We did get a letter from ODS that might indicate they had approved the standing frame.  Something was submitted to them Dec. 3rd from Care Med that they approved.  It might however be just a different charge for the chair.  After Christmas, we will call.

The other BIG news is that we DID receive a benefits letter from Social Security disability and Lynn will start receiving benefits in February.  We are so grateful because we are finding it hard to keep up with all the extra expenses of being disabled.

I know you are wondering if there has been any improvement physically.  The answer would have to be "no".
We wish and pray for some hopeful signs as we move into 2011. 

In spite of the above, Lynn continues to challenge himself to live life to the full.  This week he went visiting for the first time to his mom in Springfield.  Becky and Joe helped him up the stairs into her home.  Tomorrow we are going to Portland to spend Christmas day with my family and will be gone for a number of hours.  I know if these ventures are successful, there will be more of them.  In Rehab they tell you that it could take up to two full years for Lynn to fully reintegrate himself back into society.  Each of these "new" experiences helps with that.

Lastly,  again we wish to thank everyone for all your prayers, thoughts, actions and expressions of caring.  Each and everyone mean a great deal to both of us.  We hope that anyone reading this blog will have a blessed and grace-filled Christmas!  Love,   The Ellis'

Sunday, December 12, 2010

partial answers

There was movement this week on all our issues but no total answers.

First, transportation.  No bites on the truck but we did get to look at the van.  It was not outfitted for the size of Lynn's chairs but we got to see what they are like and that was cool.  The person who brought it - Mike- has been in a wheel chair since he was 18 and we got to talk with him a bit. He will be a wonderful resource when we sell the truck and we are ready to move into next steps.

Next, insurance and the chair.  Well, we are partially there.  Now they say we only owe $3,400 but our gal at Care Med, the wheelchair vendor, said not to worry she is working on that too.  I really don't understand it but  the numbers ARE getting better so we'll keep trusting.

I guess I was wrong about insurance saying they would cover the standing frame.  The proposal to them was only submitted this week.  I guess what the rep. said to me was that insurance companies usually cover it NOT that ODS, our company, would.  Another waiting game.

Finally, we got a letter from Social Security this week that was strange.  It was about setting up a password IF we were to get Social Security benefits but NOT to do it unless we got a letter saying we WOULD get benefits.  Why wouldn't you send this letter with your benefits letter and not bother if someone wasn't getting benefits.  Crazy!

Lynn and I went Christmas shopping today - in our kitchen!  Together we shopped online for our gifts.  It was lots of fun.  We do plan to go out once when school gets out but we could not do the power shopping trip we did in the past.  When the packages arrive, Lynn will become the official present wrapper as he couldn't be the outside decorations man this year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Waiting Game

There was no word this week on insurance's response to our challenging of the wheelchair benefits.  Lynn called Friday and the person handling our case from Care Med was not in that day.

There was no van visit as the individual bringing it by got terribly sick.  He has been in a wheelcair himself for 30 years.

There was no phone call telling us the truck has sold.

And , of course, most importantly, there was no change in Lynn's condition.

We are learning to be patient!

On the up side, Lynn and I tackled the driveway on Saturday and together, with Lynn using a blower and I, a rake, we managed to clean off all the debris from the hickory trees. We also decided the one that is dying inside is coming down this winter.  It creates such a mountain of work and it will over time be a hazard with large limbs falling in the big storms.  Lynn felt good, though, being out and caring for the place like he used to.

Joe and I have begun to feed the cows.  Our neighbor will take them off our hands after January 1 but in the mean time we are trying to push the hay on them to clear it from the barn.  Of course, they have no objections to such a feast!