Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wretched Weekend

The new year has not started out well.  I knew something was up Friday when my cell phone vibrated during my first period class.  This means "emergency" at our house. It was Lynn and he was in the throes of the stomach flu.  The next 48 hours were to say the least pretty challenging.  We were unprepared with supplies and what something like the flu would mean to a paraplegic.  Use your inmagination - that is all I am willing to say.  On top of the usual flu stuff, Lynn's spasms went out of control.  It may have been the fever or the virus itself but every time his body relaxed and tried to go to sleep a violent spasm ran through his whole lower body.  We called both our primary and Lynn's paraplegic doctor on Saturday because I just didn't know how to help.  Thank goodness we did because they were very helpful; things got under control; and Sunday night around 2:00 AM, it was my turn. -In answer to intensive prayer- Lynn finally slept so I could concentrate on my symptoms. 

Today Monday was Joe's turn.

Like I said, a wretched weekend it was!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I won't lie.  It is nice to see 2010 behind us.  On Monday next week will be the sixth month anniversary of Lynn's injury.  We both feel at times that it seems like a dream.  Did that morning really happen?????!!!!!!!

Here's an update on a couple of items:

The wheelchair money issue has been resolved and we were told everything is paid for.

Yes, insurance DID approve the standing frame and Lynn might have it by next week.

We haven't been very aggressive about looking for a van during the holidays because we wanted to enjoy having Becky home and my being off school.  More to come on that.

Lynn decided to back off one of his medications slightly to see if he would have more energy and he DID find he was not as tired in the afternoons.  However, the trade off has been unacceptable with very painful muscle spasming happening as a result.  Yesterday it just got to be too much and he restored the noon dose.
We need to see the doctor about this to see if there are altenatives that do not have such a sedative effect.

He has also getting good results in controlling the tyranny of the bathroom.  We did some research online and instituted a bowel management program that has freed him from the toilet except in the mornings.  This has made a HUGE difference in the quality of his life.

Finally, Lynn is moving out socially.  We saw my family Christmas Day in Portland which was so wonderful.  Today we took Becky to the airport together and, after seeing her off, ate a small lunch before coming home.  Lynn used a public restroom for the first time.  We both were thrilled doing something so normal.

Little victories but important ones, I think.  As Bill Murray told Richard Dreyfuss, "Baby steps really work!"