Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 8, 2015   This week we went to see Lynn's pulmonary specialist, Dr. John Gotchall.  The news here was not positive.  Lynn's latest pulmonary function test, post-surgery, had him breathing at 32% of capacity, the worst number thus far.  This may be because of his surgery but it is also worrisome because the hiatal hernia surgery was supposed to shut down stomach fluid from aspirating into his lungs and, I think, there was some expectation that his breathing would be better not worse.  The doctor said he was puzzled by the severity of Lynn's COPD and is looking for other causes.  To that end Lynn is being tested for a genetic marker for lung disease.  His father had at least 3 siblings who died from emphesyma (they did smoke).  We will know the results in about another week.  The doctor also wants a CT scan done.

What about the connective tissue disorder do you ask?  Well, that is a bit strange.  The surgeon I guess did not put anything about seeing one in her post surgery notes!!!!  Dr. Gotchall had a call into Dr. Dunst, the surgeon, but we have heard no results from that conversation.  We have a phone conference with her on Thursday this week so we will try to get this connective tissue disorder thing clarified then.

On the positive side Lynn is benefiting greatly from the BiPap machine at night.  He has moved into a soft diet (level 2) and we no longer have to crush his meds.  He will be on the soft diet for another week and then he can start having things like pancakes and ground meat.  He has lost weight which he needed to do for his lungs so the sacrifices are worth it.  Thanksgiving will be a bummer but by Christmas he should be back to eating normally.


  1. That's some really bad news, but I hope by now everything has resolved itself with him. If not, I am definitely praying for you and your family. Good luck.


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