Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 20, 2015

I am writing this from an incredibly awesome Guesthouse Providence Hospital has built for patients like Lynn who have to come from out of town to surgery here.  It just opened in August and everything is new and shiny and beautiful.  He is upstairs sleeping as it has been a stressful day due to our unfamiliarity with this hospital.  Reading the directions they sent us I thought "easey peasey" as my office partner, Kristin, always says, but I was wrong.  We turned down the wrong street, ended up in the wrong parking garage with only about 1 inch clearance for the van, and only found a parking space with 10 minutes to go.  When we entered the building, we asked an employee if we were in the right place and found out we were completely on the other side of the complex where we were supposed to be.  We headed in the right direction but had to cut through the hospital itself to get to Oregon Clinic for the test Lynn needed.  That part actually went smoothly but the technician said Lynn does show some problems with his esophagal functioning.  What that means for the surgery I guess we will find out tomorrow.  We did find the Guesthouse easily after that so may be we got the worst that will happen out of our system right away and everything will be good from here on out.  I have told everyone the surgery is at 1:30, but I was wrong.  That is to be our arrival time at the hospital with surgery at 3:30 PM.  This is going to be a long day for Lynn as he can't eat or drink anything after midnight tonight.  Keep those prayers coming!  Nancy

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