Thursday, October 22, 2015

October 22, 2015   7:15 PM  I am posting a little earlier tonight.  Lynn and I are both wiped out and need some rest so I left him when the nurse was giving him a sleeping pill.  He had a good day today and the doctor said this morning she saw no reason he couldn't go home tomorrow.  They x-rayed his surgical site and there were no "leaks" so that is good.  He finally got to drink something in the late afternoon today.  For a week he is on clear liquids only.  He says it doesn't hurt to swallow so that is good.

Dr. Dunst shared with Lynn this morning what she is suspecting about a connective tissue disorder. He truly appreciated that may be we have finally got to the bottom of why he has had to deal with all these medical issues over the years.

We both feel this trip to Portland has been important and that all the prayers and kind thoughts have blessed our time here.  I even saw a long time friend and mentor, Chris Talkington, at the Mass I went to today in the hospital's chapel.  I completely did not think I would meet one person I knew here.  God is good!

One more thing - If anyone from Sweet Home has to come to this hospital for a procedure, they need to know the Providence Guest House is wonderful.  It is a counterpart to the Mario Pastegna House at Good Samaritan in Corvallis.

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