Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015  9:35 PM  Lynn went into surgery a half an hour later than expected so the wait was a long one today.  By the time he was done Andy and I literally were the last people standing in the surgery waiting room.  The surgery lasted three hours and he was in recovery for two. When we saw him in his room finally 30 minutes ago, he commented that this was a rough one for him.  He was in a lot of pain from the surgical incisions so they gave him a heavy duty narcotic that I knew would put him fast to sleep quickly.  Andy walked me back to where I am staying so I could get some rest and type this entry. The good news is that he did not go to the ICU afterwards which was a possibility.  The other good news is that Dr. Dunst fixed the hiatal hernia.

The not so good news (which I haven't said to Lynn yet; I am letting the doctor explain) is that when she was in there she found what she believed to be some rare connective tissue disorder.  She thinks it may be the explanation for all the weird medical conditions Lynn has experienced in his life. She said "rare" because she could not give it a specific name, it was that hard to pin down.  She believes when Lynn gets well he needs to go see a rheumatologist because it won't get better without intervention. But she really believes this could be the cause of the paralyzed diaphram, the weak esophagus, the skin rashes, and even the T-11 and T-12 spontaneous eruption 5 years ago.  She thinks it is all connected.  WOW!  That was alot to take in.  Soooo...... I am going to focus on getting him well from this surgery first, and, then, we will tackle this new info.  soon, but not now.

When I left him tonight, he was not being allowed to drink and may not for 24 more hours according to directions we received before the surgery.  I feel so bad for him.

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